Friday, September 30, 2011

Rantings In The Sports World

There is so much going on in the sports world that I might as well just rant on a few things.  Enjoy!

Why is it that some in the sports media complain about QB’s getting protected too much, but when it comes to Vick, they want him babied?  Why the hypocrisy?  The funny thing is, Vick is a guy who may be in the pocket but is reacting like a runner.  He tucks the ball, dances around, ducks his head often as he tries to slide under hits and then complains about hits?  If a lineman is aimed at your chest and you duck your head into him, that’s not a penalty.

Former Eagles LB Hugh Douglas mentioned that McNabb and Vick are “black QB’s” that don’t get calls in response to Mike Periera’s reaction to Vick’s complaints.  Why was it necessary to bring in a racial element to this discussion?  This isn’t a racial issue.  It’s simply an issue of a player who takes hits because of two reasons: a poor offensive line and a QB who tries to stretch plays with his legs and body.  That’s not racial, that’s style of play.  Ben Roethlisberger and Jay Cutler take the same level of punishment and they don’t whine about officials.  Man up, Eagles, and quit being soft.  That’s why you won’t win a championship…in addition to an overpaid/underperforming defense.

Speaking of Vick, how wild is it that the league that says it is concerned about player safety cleared Vick to play 6 days after a concussion?  The NHL held out its largest star in Sidney Crosby for the majority of the season to protect him.  I understand the different levels of concussions, but 6 days?  That’s crazy.  If they really cared about player safety, they would not allow concussed players to return for a minimum of 2 weeks.  The NFL care about player safety?  What a joke.

I really hope the NBA labor situation gets solved soon.  They simply can’t lose momentum that was created last season.  Like them or now, the Miami Heat turned the basketball world on its head and got everyone in the sports world talking.  Dirk Nowitzki had a legendary playoff run.  The Bulls continued to show improvement, despite the lack of a power forward (looking at you, Carlos Boozer).  The biggest markets have so many things going for them right now.  Sit down and figure this dispute out.  I need my NBA League Pass.

Kobe Bryant is apparently going to play 10 games in Italy during the lockout.  If this doesn’t get the lockout solved, I don’t know what will.  I can’t stand the guy, but hopefully this is the catalyst to get a deal done.  The NBA needs to realize that their players have a ton of options in regards to places to play.  They spent a ton of time helping it become a global game and now it could backfire in a big way.

Indianapolis should tank the rest of the season.  Seriously, shut it down.  Pull a San Antonio Spurs when David Robinson got hurt and win your version of Tim Duncan: Andrew Luck.  Manning could come back for the 2012-13 season and mentor Luck.  The investment in a #1 overall pick isn’t what it used to be so financially it doesn’t hurt to have him on the bench.  If it took Reggie Wayne 2 years to learn the offense, why not buy 2 years with Luck by sitting him behind Manning?

I’m not a baseball guy but Wednesday night was a magical sports evening.  I found myself flipping back and forth between the Yankees-Rays and Red Sox Orioles, mildly obsessed with what was happening.  Once the history had been made, it was interesting to scour Twitter and Facebook for reactions.  There was a lot of Boston bitterness out there towards the Orioles, Rays and Yankees.  The Yankees one amused me because there was a lot of insinuation that they tanked the last game to screw Boston.  Funny thing is, the Yankees did what was best for their team.  It’s not up to them to help Boston win.  I’m guessing going 7-21 in September is more the culprit of not making the playoffs than the Yankees losing one game.  Here are a few fun September stats for the Red Sox Nation that they might not have looked at; 1-4 vs. the Yankees, 1-6 vs. Tampa Bay and 2-5 vs. the worst team in the division, Baltimore Orioles.  Look in the mirror, Red Sox.  It was simply your poor play.  They didn’t belong in the playoffs and they showed it.

Jon Jones retained the UFC light heavyweight belt by dismantling Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.  It was the expected outcome, but what wasn’t expected was how easy he made it look.  Jackson looked slow and tentative.  He said a few days after the fight that he may go into boxing since guys aren’t fighting him.  Last I checked, Jackson got hit quite a bit, taken down and choked out.  Jackson just isn’t well rounded enough to compete with the top of the food chain anymore.  He complains about wrestlers just holding him down.  Here’s an idea.  Work on your takedown defense and also getting up from the bottom!  I hear all the time how strong he is, yet when Rashad Evans is owning him on the mat, he looks pretty weak.  Go to boxing Quinton, please.  I’m tired of hearing one dimensional fighters whine when they need to hit the gym and work on their inadequacies.

The Broncos are 1-2 and not getting any better.  First and goal from the one at Tennessee and a TD would seal the deal.  They lost the game.  Guess what?  Tim Tebow didn’t see the field.  AT the very least bring him out in that scenario.  Make the defense think.  No one would know what the Broncos would do in that scenario with Tebow on the field.  They scored a TD at an amazing percentage last season with Tebow in the red zone.  Orton?  Not so much.  Just saying…

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